Name: Salva46
Type: Design & Interior Architecture
Size: 63 m2
Location: Barcelona City, Spain
Design & Architecture: Studio P10 & Miel Arquitectos

Salva46_StudioP10_BarcelonaSalva46 is our investigation into flexible co-existence.Exploring the nomadic lifestyle of the 21st century. Where movement and fluidity contrast with privacy and stability. An experiment in shared micro living – two equally balanced spaces pivoted by a central communal area. A play of opposites in a world of conformists.Salva46_StudioP10Salva46_StudioP10_BarcelonaThe specifications: Two independent units each housing four internal zones. Focusing on the basic requirements of Sleep, Work, Relaxation & Hygiene. A balanced equilibrium for physiological and mental well-being. One unit in each façade of the building, sharing access to the central common space which contains the kitchen, dining and social functions.Salva46_StudioP10_BarcelonaSalva46_StudioP10_BarcelonaThe Premise: the balance of privacy. During the day each inhabitant can enclose and secure their space without blocking the traverse of natural light. While during the night, both can isolate and cocoon the units by sliding the solid doors. The 3.40m height funnels energy to the upper levels with two multipurpose mezzanines levitating over the beds. Channeling natural light into the shower and perhaps the odd wayward glance from above.Salva46_StudioP10_BarcelonaSalva46_StudioP10_BarcelonaEcology, restoration and up-cycling are all central to the theme, with the recovery and replacement of the original hydraulic mosaic tiles. The kitchen, which had a past life near Sitges, was adapted and re-used, complementing the rich patchwork of mosaic carpet and hydraulic perimeters.The clean modern lines of industrial parquet contrasts with the cracks and crevasses of the 19th century exposed brickwork. Frozen in time by a white oxidation, with the up-lit luminosity highlighting the buildings imperfections. Relaxed furniture pieces complete the experiment, combining a balance of woods, stone & metal structural elements.Salva46_StudioP10_BarcelonaNo one will say we didn’t enjoy the journey… we hope the tenants do too! Salva46 Before